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Jan 23, 2012

How to Break your Routine ?

Hold a conversation with a new person everyday. Expand your world beyond people similar to you. Talk to people from other countries,or just try talking to the maintenance and cleaning people, the mail room staff. You’ll learn about ways of life and outlooks on life that are incredibly different from your own.
Avoid wasting time.Don’t watch television.Relaxation frees the subconscious to connect the blocks of your knowledge and experiences. When you free your mind your subconscious has more power to bring in random thoughts or connect items that are not necessarily related to each other. Use your lunch, not just for lunch with friends .Go to museums, new restaurants, new parks, try new foods ,working at their desks or going to the same restaurant with the same people and eating the same food.Read books from the Dummies series on subjects you have no use for. Even better, read children’s books; they’re faster. There are millions of subjects you could expose yourself to with a few minutes each day. Create a piece of art and enter it into an art exhibit. Carry a camera with you and capture some interesting scenes.Try writing a short story. You don’t have to be Hemingway. Trouble coming up with an idea? Write the story about a character doing what you do, at work, home, having fun, whatever. Two thousand words are all you need.Expose yourself to a wide variety of music . Thanks to the internet you can now listen to anything you can imagine and more , and if you normally listen to American Pop then it’s time to try some jazz and classical.Change your schedule: If you normally arrive at work at 8 a.m. try 9 a.m. and 7 a.m. You’ll see your world differently, you’ll sense different emotions in the people you meet and hear different sounds. Try getting up with the sun and going outside to listen to the birds and feel the early morning breeze. It’s wonderful.