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Jun 30, 2013

Omega 3 your powerful source

Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids—found in foods such as salmon, spinach, and omega-3-rich eggs can keep your hair strong and looking healthy and shiny.

Jun 23, 2013

All about grapefruits !

Grapefruits not only contain high amounts of vitamin C, but they also contain large amounts of potassium, vitamin A, and Fiber. Grapefruit contains pectin which is a soluble fiber that has been shown to lower cholesterol and slow the buildup of plaque on the inside walls of blood vessels. Ruby red grapefruit juice also contains lycopene which helps prevent LDL (bad cholesterol) from damaging artery walls. Drinking the juice will give you all of the vitamins and minerals that the actual fruit does but it doesn't contain the fiber.
Grapefruits are a great way to improve your health and lose weight. They have been a popular diet food for a long time and research has proven they are effective at helping you lose weight and improve your health. However, grapefruit and its juice should not be taken while using certain prescriptions. If you're currently taking prescription medication check with your doctor before adding grapefruits to your diet.

Jun 18, 2013

How can i make my BONES stronger & harder ?

Calcium, vitamin D (being out in sunlight too) especially weightlifting and physical exercises such as running helps to strengthen bones.

Jun 9, 2013

1 Thing That Can Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

The apple offers major benefits to the human body, but fruits in general are big, too. So, why apples you may ask? The benefits of an apple are amazing, since it contains fructose which is a natural sugar that can wake you up naturally and help keep you going. It also moves slowly through the body, reaching areas where you may not wake up immediately, but once an apple in your system it'll wake you up and keep you awake. There's no crash either, which makes the benefits of the apple far outweigh those of coffee. If that wasn't enough, apples contain carbohydrates which the body needs to get moving and stay moving, and apples are also a great source of fiber. Really, why wouldn't you want to eat apples knowing that?

How many calories are there in a falafel sandwich?

600 calories and 10grams of fat

Jun 8, 2013

Are protein shakes necessary to build muscle?

For strength training, it is a definite yes to add more protein to your diet after workouts. Although you wouldn't really NEED protein shakes, you would need protein after working out.
What happens when you weight lift is that when you put your muscles in overload, you push your limits and deliberately tear muscle tissue. Within the next 24-48 hours, the damaged muscle tissue goes into a repair process. As it repairs, it builds a little more muscle to be able to withstand the weight you added on to your workouts. But for your muscles to effectively repair and get stronger, you must give it the fuel it needs, which is protein.

Good protein shakes you can get are muscle milk and whey protein. Do not go overboard with the protein. Aim for about one gram of protein for each pound you weigh. (For example, if you weight 180 pounds, take in 180 grams of protein). You do not have to intake all that protein just from shakes. For example, you can take in 50%-75% of the protein you need from the shakes, and the rest from foods such as meats(chicken, beef, etc), beans, protein bars, eggs, and milk.

Other than that, keep up the good work! Three days a week is an excellent plan. Anything less and your bound to have little to no progress. Anything more and your over training, which will result in no progress.

Can you train everyday, and still gain muscle?

Yes, you can.
The trick is to do as much as you can, WITHOUT ACHING THE NEXT DAY. For muscle growth, and strength gain, you should never work an aching muscle.

The problem is that unless you provoke a training ache, it's hard to be sure that you've done as much work as you can. Normally, you would solve this problem by working one day, and aching the next.

Bodybuilders work every day, or several times a day, by concentrating each session on a few bodyparts (or just one). that way, you can work something, while something else aches. The faster you want to grow, the longer you need to allow for recovery between sessions .

How long should I rest my muscles?

You tend to gain muscle size while you rest. Yes muscles grow in their rest phase, so besides having a good workout make sure you alternate the days and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.