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Oct 31, 2012

the Rules of Natural Bodybuilding : Discipline and Consistency

Tip One - Increase the amount of protein in your diet. The purpose for this is that protein is broadly considered the building blocks of all muscle development. Protein will help build muscle in a number of ways. One reason is that protein will help with repairing and restoring the muscle after it has been worked out to a great degree. Remember, when you are pumping iron at a relatively high intensity, your muscles will be torn down somewhat. This means the muscle tissue will need to be properly repaired and protein lets you achieve this. The protein sources that you should take are lean ones. That means chicken, turkey, egg whites, etc.You do not want to ingest a lot of fat along with your protein intake unless you're bulking up.

Tip Two - Diversify your training program. There are scores of steps that can be followed in order to produce solid gains such as split training programs, supersetting your workouts. The common process of merely increasing weight and reps will not deliver significant results. At a particular point, this strategy hits an upper limit and it does not present any improvements. It may even lead to a loss of gains. You should change your training routine every few months to see impactful results.

Tip Three - Get an adequate amount of rest. While it is easy to understand that some will prefer to hit the gym seven days a week this is assuredly not the best approach to choose. how come? The body grows muscle when it is relaxed and at rest. Muscles do not get bigger when you are working out. They get bigger when you are resting. That's why, you need to get at the very least two full days of rest to see serious mass gains. Think of that as among the most essential of all natural bodybuilding tips, this goes both for sleep and just being stress free in the course of your daily life.

Oct 30, 2012

Breast self exam check-up


The Normal Foot
Normal feet have a normal-sized arch and will leave a wet footprint that has a flare, but shows the forefoot and heel connected by a broad band. A normal foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards slightly to absorb shock. It’s the foot of a runner who is biomechanically efficient and therefore doesn’t need a motion control shoe.
Best shoes: Stability shoes with moderate control features.

The Flat Foot
This has a low arch and leaves a print which looks like the whole sole of the foot. It usually indicates an overpronated foot – one that strikes on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards (pronates) excessively. Over time, this can cause many different types of overuse injuries.
Best shoes: Motion control shoes, or high stability shoes with firm midsoles and control features that reduce the degree of pronation. Stay away from highly cushioned, highly curved shoes, which lack stability features.

The High-Arched Foot
This leaves a print showing a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and the heel. A curved, highly arched foot is generally supinated or underpronated. Because it doesn’t pronate enough, it’s not usually an effective shock absorber.
Best shoes: Cushioned (or 'neutral') shoes with plenty of flexibility to encourage foot motion. Stay away from motion control or stability shoes, which reduce foot mobility.

100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today

  1. Because it makes you feel confident 
  2. Because it helps you get stronger
  3. Because exercise helps combat depression
  4. Because you'll feel proud of yourself
  5. Because you have goals you want to reach
  6. Because you'll feel bad if you don't
  7. Because you want to move forward, not backward
  8. Because it burns more calories than not working out
  9. Because it improves your heart health
  10. Because you want a great butt
  11. Because it prevents diabetes
  12. Because you want to be a good example to your kids
  13. Because you want to feel good in your clothes
  14. Because it reduces your risk of cancer
  15. Because your body was made to move
  16. Because you want to be an athlete
  17. Because you want to look better
  18. Because it lifts your mood
  19. Because you want to stand taller
  20. Because it reduces back pain
  21. Because it feels good
  22. Because it makes you feel accomplished
  23. Because you spend most of your day on your butt
  24. Because swimsuit season is always coming
  25. Because strong is the new skinny
  26. Because dieting only works so much
  27. Because it strengthens your bones, too
  28. Because it helps you lose weight
  29. Because it allows you to eat more food
  30. Because it's the best way to spend "me" time
  31. Because it helps you de-stress
  32. Because it's cheaper than therapy
  33. Because you want a strong core
  34. Because you want to take care for yourself
  35. Because you take pride in your body
  36. Because it strengthens your legs
  37. Because it helps your clothes fit better
  38. Because you want to push yourself
  39. Because you are capable of more than you ever imagined
  40. Because moving your body feels good
  41. Because it keeps your mind sharp
  42. Because it helps you beat belly bloat
  43. Because it helps you sleep better at night
  44. Because it gives you energy
  45. Because you want to stay healthy as you age
  46. Because you want to look younger
  47. Because you want toned arms
  48. Because it improves your balance
  49. Because it burns off last night's dessert
  50. Because it boosts your immune system
  51. Because sweat is sexy
  52. Because you want to live longer
  53. Because you want to get better at your game
  54. Because you want to catch someone's eye
  55. Because exercisers earn more money
  56. Because you're more likely to eat better when you exercise
  57. Because you want to shave time off your running pace
  58. Because you want to breathe easier
  59. Because you want to see the scale drop
  60. Because exercise improves your sex life
  61. Because you are worth it
  62. Because being fit makes everything in life better
  63. Because you promised yourself that you would
  64. Because you deserve a better life
  65. Because it'll help you drink more water
  66. Because you want to do real push-ups
  67. Because it reduces your health care costs
  68. Because you'll miss fewer days of work
  69. Because you want to create a new future for yourself
  70. Because it'll help you like what you see in the mirror
  71. Because it makes clothing shopping more fun
  72. Because you want to look and feel incredible
  73. Because exercising can be fun
  74. Because it'll give your skin a glow
  75. Because it's a good way to spend time with your friends
  76. Because it'll help you prevent the middle-age spread
  77. Because it reduces your blood pressure
  78. Because you don't want to let yourself go
  79. Because you don't want to squeeze into an airplane or rollercoaster seat
  80. Because it strengthens your spirit
  81. Because it's a cheap way to entertain yourself
  82. Because you'll be able to reward yourself
  83. Because you need a reason to wear those new workout clothes
  84. Because you're tired of being tired
  85. Because not working out is not going to get you very far
  86. Because it's a great way to spend time outside
  87. Because you made a commitment to yourself
  88. Because you're tired of starting over
  89. Because there will always be another wedding, vacation or reunion
  90. Because you're not a quitter
  91. Because it improves your cholesterol
  92. Because it boosts your metabolism
  93. Because it prevents age-related muscle loss
  94. Because if you can do this, you can do anything
  95. Because a fit body is a healthy body
  96. Because it beats sitting on the couch
  97. Because  everyone has at least 10 minutes to spare
  98. Because you want to be stronger than your excuses
  99. Because not working out isn't working out for you
  100. Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip


Dressing for cold weather is easier than ever with all the great high tech fabrics currently available. Choose breathable fabrics that wick moisture from the body and dry quickly.

Start with a thin base layer. In temps from 40 to 60 this may be all you need. Remember, the rule of thumb is to dress for temps about 20 degrees higher than they actually are. You may be slightly cool to begin with, but you will be warm as soon as your body gets moving.

When the temperature is below 40 you will probably need a second layer. This should be a thin outer shell to help keep out wind and cold. (If you live in an area with much winter precipitation be sure this layer is wind and water proof.) Add gloves and a headband. These can be removed as you warm up and replaced when you are chilled.

As the temperature drops add an insulating (thermal) layer. This is an inner layer between the base layer and the outer shell that holds in your body heat. Once again, be sure this is a good quality, breathable, wicking fabric. Exchange your headband for a hat and scarf, or a neck gaiter.

Don't forget your feet. Waterproof hiking boots are widely available. They may need to be a size larger than your usual walking shoes in order to accommodate thicker (or extra layers) of socks. For some added fun try a pair of snow shoes.

Some good fabric choices for winter clothing include Thermax, Polar Fleece, Cool Max, Thinsulate, Gortex, wool, etc. Stay away from cotton as it absorbs and retains moisture.

Additional tips -

  • If you need additional layers add them, but stick with several thin layers rather than one or two bulky layers.

  • Take wind chill into consideration when dressing.
    Winds = temperature drop
    10 mph = 15 degrees
    15 mph = 20 degrees
    20 mph = 25 degrees
    30 mph = 35 degrees

  • Watch your step. You may have to slow down in some weather conditions.

  • Wear reflective clothing or add reflective tape to your clothing.

  • Be sure to wear sunblock and sunglasses.

  • Don't forget your water.

  • Oct 29, 2012

    Ways to Motivate and Get Off Your Cold Weather Butt

    Staying cooped up indoors all winter isn't beneficial for your health and can leave you more exposed to illnesses doing the winter rounds. Getting out and about gives you a chance to breathe fresh air, to see new and varied sights (beats cabin fever), and gives you a sound mind and body workout. 

    Skiing is a thrilling sport that can satiate anyone's need for an adrenaline rush relying on slopes and a pair of skis. What's more, skiing can benefit people of all ages, from around the age of four up to 104, and you can choose slopes to suit your skill level.

    No need to stop your treasured walks just because it's cold outside. Bundle up, find good walking routes, and keep your body fit with this gentle yet very effective exercise. Bear in mind that you might need to wear cleats or rugged boots if crossing icy areas; talk to your local running or walking store specialist for advice.

    Oct 28, 2012

    How Many Calories: In A Banana Split?

    A)  650  calories
    B)  850  calories
    C) 1000 calories
    D) 1300 calories

    The answer is C) 1000 calories.  That's almost enough calories to last me all day! To satisfy that craving with fewer calories, some ice cream shops will happily make you a mini-split, with half a banana and one scoop of ice cream. Otherwise, you'd better either opt for something lighter like frozen yogurt, or make a habit of jogging several miles to the ice cream shop in order to keep eating banana splits without growing out of your scout outfit of by the end of the summer.

    Are pancakes fattening?

    Pancakes are a complex source of carbohydrates, which your body brakes down into more simple molecules such as glucose (mono saccharides). this can either be transformed to fat under the skin, or used in cellular respiration. So basically it depends on your metabolism. 

    How much you eat, and how much you exercise.
    It is recommended that you eat a breakfast high in carbohydrates and lipids (fats and oils), as long you you keep your metabolism up, as you are likely to burn it off if you are active.
    If you avoid eating carbohydrates, you are likely to feel drowsy, and therefore your energy output will be lower, and you will not burn fat as well.


    Basically, it should be fine, as long as you get 
    plenty of exercise.

    Oct 23, 2012

    in Shape health ,beauty & fitness fair

    7 Desserts You Shouldn't Be Eating

    the seven deadly sins
    Loaded with fat, calories and cholesterol, these sweet indulgences are sure to put an end to any weight-loss goal. I've provided the frightening fat and calorie breakdowns for a single serving size of each tasty -- but deadly -- dessert listed below. 

    1. Oreo Cookies
    Serving size: About 3 cookies
    Fat: 7 grams
    Calories: 160 (about 50 calories per Oreo)
    2. Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream
    Serving size: ½ cup
    Fat: 20 grams
    Calories: 330

    3. Otis Iced Chocolate Brownies
    Serving size: 1 brownie
    Fat: 11.5 grams
    Calories: 260
    4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 
    Serving size: 1 package
    Fat: 11 grams
    Calories: 210
    5. Classic New York Cheesecake
    Serving size (1/6 of a regular size cheesecake)
    Fat: 21 grams
    Calories: 350
    6. Little Debbie Nutty Bars
    Serving size: 1 individually wrapped package
    Fat: 19 grams
    Calories: 312
    7. Banana Split 
  • Serving size: 1 split
  • Fat: 43 grams
  • Calories: 894

  • Oct 22, 2012

    How many sets and repetitions should I do while exercising?

    To start out I would do 3 sets of 10 reps. More reps is for building muscle endurance. Lower reps are for strength and power. Don't always do the same amount of reps and sets. You need to mix things up or your muscles will get used to what your doing and wont grow as much. I try sticking to higher reps for compound lifts like deadlifts and squats, and do medium to higher reps with isolation exercises like bicep curls or tricep push downs. Low reps would be between 1-6. high reps would be anything above 10.

    Oct 18, 2012

    Concentration Techniques

    Here are the five most important points to keep in mind as you develop your concentration. Use this list as a guide for successfully integrating the focused mind state into your daily life:

    • Emphasize quality, not quantity, of training time. Take breaks while your concentration is still good. This will leave you looking forward to continuing.

    • Practice regularly. Your mind is like your body: by working out several times a day for short periods you’ll see better results than by practicing once a month.

    • Initially, practice focusing your attention on objects or activities that you find beautiful or interesting. You can then build the power to transfer your attention to things that are less immediately appealing.

    • Be mindful throughout the day by directing focused attention toward your ordinary activities. Then, when you choose to really zoom in and focus on something, your mind will already be calm, collected and prepared to produce optimal results.

    • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember to smile and enjoy your “mind fitness” training. Build your power of concentration while doing the things you love to do. Enjoying your practice is an essential ingredient that will enhance your abilities and speed your progress.

    Oct 16, 2012

    what diet stands for !

    How to Gain Weight Naturally for Women

      • Be physically active. Doing exercises that help to gain muscle and fat will aid in putting on weight. You will need to take in excess calories to make up for the burned calories, but fitness is important to stay healthy. Just eating more will make you gain unhealthy fat around the middle, and in other areas, that can lead to risks of diabetes and heart disease. Try weight lifting for bulking up.Eat foods that have a high energy density. Eat peanut butter for protein. Eat fruits and vegetables that have good fats in them such as avocados and olives. Eat whole-wheat muffins, drink whole milk and bulk up on potatoes. Look for healthy fattening foods, like these, rather than junk foods.Bulk up on calories and portions. To get the extra 3,000 calories a day that "Nutrition: The Science of Eating" says you are going to need, at the least, you are going to need to eat bigger portions. You are also going to want to eat more often. Follow the dieters steps in eating five meals a day, but eat more in those five meals.Try weight gain supplements. For some added help in gaining weight,, you can find weight gain supplements at your pharmaceutical store. You can also try protein shakes for a weight gain supplement that also has health benefits.

    Oct 15, 2012

    The Ten Benefits of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture originates from China and has been practiced there for thousands of years. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through the patient's skin at specific points on the body - the needles are inserted to various depths. We are not sure how acupuncture works scientifically. However, we do know that it does have some therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and alleviation from nausea caused by chemotherapy

    1. Improved Health and Quality of Life
    2. Stress Reduction
    3. Pain Reduction
    4. Improved and Faster Recovery from Injury, Illness and Surgery
    5. Emotional Balance
    6. Respiratory Health
    7. Insomnia Relief
    8. Strengthening Your Immune System
    9. Premenstrual (PMS) and Menopausal Symptom Relief
    10. Reduction of Side Effects of Chemo and Radiation Therapies


    Sitting for long periods of time , when you don't stand up, don't move at all — tends to cause changes physiologically within your muscles, "You stop breaking up fat in your bloodstream, you start getting accumulations of fat ... in your liver, your heart and your brain. You get sleepy. You gain weight. You basically are much less healthy than if you're moving."

    How Do I Treat Skin Peel after a Sunburn?

    When skin is burnt by the sun, the top layer is damaged. The cells die and have to be replaced, which results in the top layer peeling off. The body does this anyway about once a month but at a much slower rate. The burnt skin will have to come off eventually, so it is not possible to prevent peeling altogether. There are some ways to ease the discomfort and shorten the amount of time it takes for the skin to peel completely.
    It can take up to 48 hours to realize the extent of sunburn. As soon as you suspect that your skin has gotten too much sun, you should immediately apply a moisturizer. Aloe vera gel or a lotion containing aloe vera is soothing and will help the skin heal. Avoid lotions which have perfumes and chemicals such as benzocaine and lidocaine. Petroleum based products should also be avoided.
    Within a day or two, your skin will peel. In severe cases, the skin will blister and actually form scabs before peeling. Blisters and scabs should be left alone. Bursting a blister or peeling a scab is painful and may cause infection. In mild cases, it does no harm to peel away the layer of dry skin cells.
    Even without peeling the skin, it will eventually fall off. Your clothes will rub against it and it will come off while your are bathing. In some cases, you may feel the need to expedite the process.
    The best way to get rid of peeling skin is to exfoliate. Start with a very gentle solution, like an oatmeal scrub. Make a paste using oatmeal and water and massage it into your skin.
    You may also exfoliate with a soft loofah, which is especially useful for reaching your back. Rub your skin gently, and if it hurts, stop. Pain means that you are causing additional damage to your skin which will take even longer to heal.
    If the oatmeal scrub isn't rough enough to remove the dry skin cells then try a natural bristle brush with a long handle. You can brush your skin while it is dry or brush it while bathing. In either case, you will probably have a large amount of skin cells come off, so exfoliate in an area which you can clean easily.
    After bathing, pat your skin dry. Rubbing can cause excessive peeling. Remember to avoid using soaps with harsh detergents as these will further dry your skin.

    Oct 12, 2012

    Coffee : The good the bad and the ugly

    The Good:
    We all know that the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, which is a popular reason why many of us reach for a cup of java first thing in the morning.  Alertness aside, research has been brewing that drinking coffee may actually be good for your health.  Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease or high blood pressure and that it may actually help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes,depression, and Parkinson's disease.  

    The Bad:  

    According to the (ADA), consumptions of high amounts of caffeine by women has been associated with not only delayed conception and miscarriages but also low birth weight babies.  Because of these reasons, the ADA's current position is for pregnant women to keep their daily caffeine consumption to no more than 300 milligrams daily from all sources.  While this may seem like a robust amount, keep in mind that a 16-ounce mug of coffee contains more than half that amount, or about 190 milligrams of caffeine.  In addition to coffee, caffeine is also found in some sodas, energy drinks, chocolate, and tea.  

    The Ugly:
    While a cup (8 oz) of brewed coffee weighs in at a mere 5 calories, if you order a hefty size coffee with whole milk or cream, a sweetened flavoring, and topped with whipped cream,  the calories could get, well, ugly.

    Oct 11, 2012

    Is working out on an empty stomach bad?

    The problem is that just because you're using more fat as fuel doesn't mean you're actually burning more fat off your body. Burning fat is more about overall calorie expenditure, not just about the type of energy your body is using for your workout. Another problem is that you may not be able to workout as long or as hard if you're hungry, which means you may end up burning fewer calories than if you'd eaten something and worked harder.

    There are other benefits to eating before your workout:

    It can boost recovery and strength gains
    It can help you sustain longer, more intense workouts
    It can help you avoid low blood sugar, which can make you feel dizzy or nauseous
    It can make your workouts more enjoyable (since you're not thinking about eating the whole time)
    The bottom line is, we each have to find a system that works for us. You may be fine doing cardio without a meal in the morning, but strength training may require more fuel to really challenge your muscles. The best answer to this is to do what works for you. Don't go hungry just because you think you're burning more fat...after all, if you cut it short or lower the intensity because of low energy, how much fat are you burning anyway?

    If you do eat before a workout, make sure you give your body time to digest. The larger the meal, the more time you'll need. But, if you choose a light snack (100-200 calories) and stick with higher carb fare, you can probably exercise after about 30-60 minutes. Pre-workout snack ideas:

    Banana (or other type of fruit)
    Energy bar or gel
    Fruit smoothie
    Sports drink


    Don’t Eat Sugar or Carbohydrates For 2 hours After Your Cardio Workout – 60-80% of the fuel you use during your cardio workout is glycogen (sugar) already stored in the muscle.  The harder you workout (intensity & heart rate) the more calories you burn and the more glycogen (sugar) you burn.  The 2 hours after your workout is over your body will refuel 50% of the calories you just burned during your workout back into your muscles.  To make sure you refuel with your body fat in this window you must avoid any sugars or carbohydrates.  Your body’s preferred fuel source is sugar so if you drink or eat sugar in this two hour window you’ll refuel your muscles with the sugar instead of your body fat.  Yes you will still burn fat for the rest of the day but the #1 key to fat burning is to keep your blood sugar level low to moderate so your muscles are forced to burn your body fat. Every time you eat a high sugar or high glycemic index meal your body is forced to burn some of the sugar in the blood stream before it can go back to burning it’s body fat.  Most people stay in this high blood sugar state and end up turning the additional sugar into body fat and in the long run become over-weight and diabetic.  This tip always freaks people out but remember the way you eat to lose weight is not the same as an athlete that has to keep their muscle loaded with glycogen.  You eat based on your goals. Weight-gain, Weight-loss and Performance all require different and specific plans. Be careful not to sabotage your fat burning with a high sugar smoothie after your cardio workout.

    Does your body burn more calories in winter or summer time?

    Your body does have to burn more calories when it's cold to maintain its normal body temperature, assuming that you spend a non-trivial amount of time outdoors rather than in climate-controlled buildings where it's pretty much the same temperature year round. However, it's not a big difference, and is probably negligible when it comes to weight maintenance. Also, some argue that we're subconsciously wired to want to eat more during the winter to build and maintain a layer of fat to protect against the cold, though I'm not sure whether that's really the case.

    When people tend to gain weight in the winter, it's typically because they're spending less time participating in sports, or walking, or other types of outdoor exercise that many people reserve for warmer seasons. But if you make a point to keep your overall activity level about the same, and you don't fall into the trap of increasing your calorie intake, you shouldn't have a problem maintaining your weight through the winter.

    Oct 8, 2012

    Top 10 Food Remedies that Actually Reduce PMS Symptoms

    #1 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms: Eat, Do Not Skip Meals
    One of the reasons that PMS sufferers turn to the easy processed foods to alleviate sudden or constant hunger is because they have not been eating regularly and sensibly. Skipping meals when you have PMS is a recipe for PMS disaster. Not eating will not reduce bloating, cramps, headaches, nausea, or irritability.
    Cravings occur when the body's level of blood sugar drops. Any other craving is an emotional craving. Do not let your body get to the point of cravings, feed it before that happens.

    #2 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms: Be a Vitamin-B Fanatic
    Vitamin B can be a girl's best friend. Health care practitioners sometimes recommend taking Vitamin B6, which can help with many PMS symptoms including bloating, cravings, tiredness, and mood swings.
    Rather than take another vitamin on top of a multi-vitamin, try instead to add foods that are rich in Vitamin B to your diet.

    #3 Top 10 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms: Satisfy Fat Calories with Healthier Fat Choices
    When you regular diet is filled with fat-laden foods, you will suffer more from symptoms and discomforts of PMS. Because PMS symptoms can start as early as one or even two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle, eliminating fatty foods from your daily diet is the best way eliminate theaffect of fatty foods on PMS symptoms.

    #4 Top 10 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms Increase Your Potassium
    It's easy to increase your potassium intake to alleviate symptoms of PMS when you add fruit or vegetables to every meal. Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad: bananas,cantaloupe and orange.Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad: bananas, cantaloupe and orange.

    #5 Top 10 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms Go for the Water
    PMS-related Water gain and bloating does not call for over-the-counter drugs. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and add foods that have a high water content to your diet.

    #6 Top 10 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms Get off the Refined Sugar Train
    If you have been eating more but smaller meals, you shouldn't be craving sugar. When you eat too much processed sugar, you will feel more tired than energized. Go for natural sources of sugar found in fresh fruit or canned fruit with added water not syrup.

    #7 Top 10 Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms "E"at the Right Foods
    Increase your intake of Vitamin E. Some women are helped by taking a Vitamin E supplements.

    #8 Top Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms  Chocolate
    Okay, sometimes you just have to have chocolate. Rather than have too much chocolate, stock healthier chocolate choices.

    #9 Top Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms Get Your Magnesium Fix.
    Magnesium can be found in many seeds and nuts, and brown rice.
    Get magnesium from: nuts, seeds, lentils, bulgar wheat, brown rice.

    #10 Top Food Remedy That Actually Reduces PMS Symptoms10. Got Milk?
    Be sure to include calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. While this could mean a glass of 2 percent or 1 percent, milk, there are other non-dairy options.

    The Dangers of Eating Alone

    If you have an aging parent who is living alone or who is perhaps caring for another aging loved one, you may worry that their diet is not nutritionally sound, and with good reason.
    There are many There causes of poor nutritional intake:
    • recipes are difficult to scale down for only 1 or 2 people
    • decreased vision may make reading recipes frustrating 
    • it's neither fun nor rewarding to cook for just one 
    • many men never learned how to cook in the first place 
    • there is no one to socialize with during meals 
    • there may be decreased energy or shakiness 
    • there could be decreased appetite from 
    -certain medications
    -decrease in the sense of taste
    -dementia causing a lack of knowing WHEN there is hunger or thirst

    • shopping may have become difficult
    • a lack of transportation may cause food supplies to dwindle 
    • there may a lack of money to purchase food items 
    • cavities or other dental problems may cause difficulty when eating

    Because of one or more of these situations, senior adults may choose items that are pre-made or are quick and easy to prepare. Many of these items are not good choices for maintaining good health.

    Is it good to just eat fruit for breakfast?

    There simply isn't enough to give you energy for the day, and it's not healthy in the long run. You can substitute eggs one day, make scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, or have a hard boiled egg with fruit, have your banana and cereal one day (I do Corn Flakes + sliced banana + honey), and you can have yogurt with fruit, too. But simply just fruit all morning till lunch isn't healthy enough in the long run. Also, you can get protein from oatmeal-whole grain bread with peanut butter sometimes & have fruit on the side. 

    How to Work out with the Crossfit Program

    CrossFit is a strength and endurance conditioning program that was founded in California to improve the physical fitness military and police personnel, but people at any skill level can participate and be challenged by the work out. To get started, there are some key exercises that are essential to the CrossFit program. By combining some of these exercises into a single workout, you can increase both your metabolic endurance and overall strength. 


    1. 1
      Do some yoga stretching. Flexibility is very important to those doing a cross fit workout. Before you begin the routine, focusing on the hip flexors, lower back, and hamstrings.  Some good poses to try include:
    2. 2
      Start with weight exercises. For an effective crossfit workout, choose two exercises that truly challenge you. Generally, a basic barbell move, like a squat or bench press, paired with an olympic weightlifting move, such as the deadlift or snatch, is a good way to go. Be sure to choose weights and exercises that really challenge you. 10 to 15 reps of each exercise should be enough. Some options to try are:
    3. 3
      Move on to full body exercises. These can use bodyweight, resistance bands, or medicine balls. Depending on the length of difficulty of the exercises, you can choose to do between two and four different ones. Ideally, each exercise will employ a variety of muscle groups rather than focusing on one section of your body. Do as many reps as you comfortably can, but note that if you can comfortably do more than 50 you should increase the difficulty of the exercise.  Here are some ideas for exercises to do:
    4. 4
      Design your workout. Once you have chosen the different exercises you want to do, plan how you will do them. There's no real right way to do this, but there are a few guidelines that are good to follow. Consider staggering less challenging exercises between the more challenging ones. An example of a workout plan would be: 10 reps of a heavy exercise followed by 15 reps of a less challenging one. Repeat for 5 rounds. You can also get creative with the routine, such as starting with a large number of reps and decreasing the amount you do each set.
    5. 5
      Come up with a weekly plan. You should plan on training 4 to 5 days a week. Which days you choose are up to you, with some guidelines. don't train less than 2 days in a row or more than 3 days in a row. Some examples would be to work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and rest Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, work out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and rest Sunday and Thursday. or work out for 3 days in a row and then take a rest day.
      • Know that working out more than 3 days in a row will cause your intensity to go down. It's more beneficial to give 100% 4 to 5 days a week than to give 50% every day.
      • Don't push yourself harder than you need to. If you're just starting out, it's okay to just workout every other day. Continue this routine for 2 to 10 weeks until you can workout 2 days in a row for every 1 day of rest without feeling overly sore or fatigued.