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Oct 16, 2012

How to Gain Weight Naturally for Women

    • Be physically active. Doing exercises that help to gain muscle and fat will aid in putting on weight. You will need to take in excess calories to make up for the burned calories, but fitness is important to stay healthy. Just eating more will make you gain unhealthy fat around the middle, and in other areas, that can lead to risks of diabetes and heart disease. Try weight lifting for bulking up.Eat foods that have a high energy density. Eat peanut butter for protein. Eat fruits and vegetables that have good fats in them such as avocados and olives. Eat whole-wheat muffins, drink whole milk and bulk up on potatoes. Look for healthy fattening foods, like these, rather than junk foods.Bulk up on calories and portions. To get the extra 3,000 calories a day that "Nutrition: The Science of Eating" says you are going to need, at the least, you are going to need to eat bigger portions. You are also going to want to eat more often. Follow the dieters steps in eating five meals a day, but eat more in those five meals.Try weight gain supplements. For some added help in gaining weight,, you can find weight gain supplements at your pharmaceutical store. You can also try protein shakes for a weight gain supplement that also has health benefits.