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Oct 29, 2012

Ways to Motivate and Get Off Your Cold Weather Butt

Staying cooped up indoors all winter isn't beneficial for your health and can leave you more exposed to illnesses doing the winter rounds. Getting out and about gives you a chance to breathe fresh air, to see new and varied sights (beats cabin fever), and gives you a sound mind and body workout. 

Skiing is a thrilling sport that can satiate anyone's need for an adrenaline rush relying on slopes and a pair of skis. What's more, skiing can benefit people of all ages, from around the age of four up to 104, and you can choose slopes to suit your skill level.

No need to stop your treasured walks just because it's cold outside. Bundle up, find good walking routes, and keep your body fit with this gentle yet very effective exercise. Bear in mind that you might need to wear cleats or rugged boots if crossing icy areas; talk to your local running or walking store specialist for advice.