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Jan 22, 2012

Is Sushi a good food to eat on a diet ?

People have this perception that sushi is a really healthy food, which it is, but people also for some reason have this idea that sushi is just rolls. So, they think sushi rolls are healthy. It really depends on the roll.One typical Americanized sushi roll (something like a Dragon roll) can be up to 800 calories... maybe even more.As mentioned earlier, fish is extremely high in Omega 3s, but not all sushi contains fish. Sushi, by definition, is vinegar rice, usually topped with another ingredient, the most common ingredient being raw fish, but that doesn't mean raw fish IS sushi. Raw fish alone is called sashimi. Also, fish doesn't just contain omega 3 fats; it also has saturated fats, but the amount of saturated fat is quite a bit less.California rolls are terrible, and they are definitely not the best for you; many of them have mayo...Try some nigiri,Also, if you're going to eat sushi with fish, you shouldn't eat a lot. Depending on the species, fish can have a lot of mercury. people are overly paranoid of it, but it is a concern of modern day society. Salmon is an example of a fish with low mercury content while fish like tuna, yellowtail, and swordfish are examples of fish with high in mercury content.
However, to ensure you are getting the cleanest fish possible, I recommend going to sushi restaurants ONLY if the sushi chefs were born in and trained to make sushi in Japan. They know the best way to handle the fish.