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Jan 19, 2012

Look Good…Feel Better

1.Good skin care is easy. Soap or lotion and moisturising are the two main ways you can improve the look of your skin. Pick a moisturiser with sun protection because sun damage is the main factor that ages skin.

2.Body odor. A bit of body smell can be a turn on,wash and shower as often as necessary. Anti perspirants and deodorants help regulate odor and sweat.

3.Get a good hair cut. Spend out; often the more expensive salons tend to keep up to date with fashion trends and products and can offer hair care that makes the most of what you have. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and makes your hair look good.

4.A balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruit is good. It keeps you healthy and improves skin and hair. Try limiting your fast food intake.

5.Get enough exercise.Use everyday opportunities to avoid a sedentary life. Walk rather than take the elevator.Joining a gym or sports club will encourage you to exercise.

6.Clothing. Keep it clean, smart and trendy!
Oral hygeine: Keep teeth clean, visit the dentist, use a mouth wash.
Nails: keep them trimmed, clean and don't bite them.
Socks and underwear- change at least daily.