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Feb 17, 2012

Benefits of Cycling for a Healthy Fit Body

The Benefits of Cycling:

Cycling in a regular manner will give healthy benefits to many organs or systems of our body:
1. The circulatory and cardiovascular system – our heart is beating fast in order to pump blood in our body quickly, to supply oxygen to our muscles, it allows them to work properly. Our heart is pumping about 4 liters of blood in one minute, at rest. Our heart is also a muscle, if you exercise like cycling; our heart gets stronger and bigger like our biceps. A person who is taking part in a regular exercise activity can lower their risk of getting cardiovascular diseases than those people who do not exercise.

2. Our blood pressure – having a regular exercise or cycling activity do prevent people to have a higher BP or blood pressure. If you keep on getting higher BP, cycling will be able to lower it.

3. Cholesterol buildup prevention – with regular exercise, you’ll be able to improve the levels of the good cholesterol or High Density Lipoprotein in blood.

4. Our Brain – those who keeps on exercising in a regular manner tends to get low fats and good lipids profile. They’ve got less heart diseases and lesser risk of having stroke.

5. Our joints and muscles – daily exercises improve our muscle strengths, balance and coordination. Lessening the falls when you’re older, aiding joints mobility and its lubrication. Endurance of our muscles and results of tones in the working muscles including thighs and calves becomes prominent. An improvement in posture. It also helps the sufferers of arthritis, lessens pains and swelling in the joints, and increases flexibility.

6. The Skin – our skin is one the major body organs, also for excretion just like the urine in the urinary system. During cycling, the blood flow in our skin increase, removing our body’s heat and removes the waste through sweating.