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Feb 20, 2012

Cellulite, Bye-Bye!

Want to know the ways How to get rid of Cellulite on thighs? Have you been concerned about the saddle bags that you see every day while getting ready in the morning? Is the question- How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs is mostly on your mind these days? If yes, then you’ve got the solution to get rid of that stubborn cellulite on thighs by following the five easy and effective ways.

The problem of cellulite on thighs is due to body type, eating habits and lifestyle. The doctor’s advice on this issue is to drink lots of water and exercise regularly to get rid of it naturally. It is also believed that cellulite is caused due to other issues like pregnancy, genetics, smoking and digestive disorders. Whatever is the reason, it does give you an awkward feeling as you may not like to wear shorts, swimwear and short skirts due to bumpy skin around your thighs.

Following are the 5 ways through which people having cellulite on their thighs can let go of it completely in no time at all.

1. Diet: It is imperative to cut down on foods that are high on cholesterol and fat, which leads to accumulation of fat in the lower part of the body. High calorie foods like chocolates, donuts, burgers, mayonnaise are absolutely no-no, if you are looking at getting rid of fat from your thighs. Instead, foods having more water content should be consumed to be able to get rid of fat cells from the body. Green leafy vegetables, bright berries, poultry, fish, low fat cheese and very less proportion of dark chocolates can certainly help people having cellulite on their thighs.To ensure that the metabolism rate is fast, food is to be consumed after every 3 hours in small proportions. This helps in digestion, leading to fast metabolism which further helps in getting rid of cellulite easily. Crash diets and skipping of meals should be completely avoided during your programme of getting rid of that bumpy skin on the thighs.

2. Lifestyle Change: Bringing exercise in your daily routine is an important step of how to get rid of cellulite on thighs. The thought of it may sound boring to many people, but it is the most crucial part in making your thigh skin look firmer and smoother. You can easily get rid of that dimply skin by taking up walking, swimming, jogging, yoga along with some light weight trainings. If you want to see the changes in a shorter period, then exercises like squats, leg presses, lunges and the flamingo balance are recommended. These exercises should be done for at least 3 to 4 days a week to see the visible changes.Aerobics, weight training or any other exercise program done religiously and regularly for the problem area can definitely bring about changes in a short span of time.

3. Anti Cellulite creams: To reduce the cellulite on your thighs easily, you can use anti cellulite creams and oils. Creams having a contents like caffeine, retinol a and vitamin a can be applied daily on the thighs to see effective results. The main purpose of such creams is to increase the flow of blood in the area that is affected by cellulite. It takes about 2 to 4 months to see actual results if you are using anti cellulite creams. Sometimes, Anti cellulite creams are marketed as specifically for inner thighs, outer thighs etc. But, the ingredients in these creams remain the same as for the other creams applicable on other body parts. Hence, there is no need to pay extra or premium amount for that particular area cream- you just need to buy any anti cellulite cream having retinol A, caffeine and vitamin A.

4. Water Consumption: Drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily is another solution to your question- how to get rid of cellulite on thighs. Water is considered to be the natural cleanser which clears away the toxins of the body through the urinal system and helps in establishing the connective tissue, making it further harder for the cellulite to deposit in the lower body. However, this step is effective only when it is combined with the above mentioned steps.

5. Lymphatic massage of the Cellulite: This massage is done by the trained masseur having experience in lymphatic massage. When this is done, the blood flow increases leading to breakdown and avoidance of cellulite.Circulation, nutrition and exercises are the solutions to how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, so if you really love you legs and want to come out of your house showing them through shorts and skirts, then you can simply take a look at the Step by Step program.Cellulite can really make you sad when you see that dimpled and bumpy skin around your thighs every morning. However, it has become easy to get rid of it completely by bringing in exercises to your routine along with eating and drinking appropriately.