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Feb 19, 2012

Cranberry Juice Benefits

Research has led to other important health benefits of cranberry juice including:

Helps to Reduce High Cholesterol Levels - Drinking cranberry juice daily may help to increase levels of HDL, (good cholesterol) and reduce levels of LDL, (bad cholesterol). The knock on effect is less of the bad cholesterol clogging the walls of your arteries which puts less strain on the heart.
Prevention of Kidney Stone Formation - Some medical studies have shown that quinic acid, abundantly found in cranberries, may help to prevent the development of kidney stones.
Cranberries Combat Herpes Virus – Scientists have found that a substance extracted from the cranberries suppressed the genital herpes virus. Tests showed that the compound, proanthocyanidin, made it harder for the virus to penetrate cells.
Protection Against Macular Degeneration- (An affliction of the eyes that affect many people as they age).
Reduction of Dental Plaque – Studies have shown that cranberry juice can reduce the growth of bacteria that causes plaque to stick to the teeth, preventing decay and gum disease.
Prevents Stomach Related Problems - A daily glass of cranberry juice can help destroy H.pylori bacteria which cause stomach ulcers and cancer.