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Feb 4, 2012

The Ultimate Home Gym Exercises

After you’ve made the commitment to starting a healthy diet program designed to help you lose weight fast, it’s time to get started putting together a workout that’s not only going to challenge your muscles and take your fitness to a new level, but will also help you melt off the fat as well.
There are plenty of ways that you can work your body and reach your weight loss goals simply by performing exercises right at home .

Push-Ups On An Exercise Ball
Next up we have push-ups on an exercise ball. The exercise ball is one of the best tools for a home gym workout so be sure you get your hands on one.
To perform this exercise you simply place your hands up on the exercise ball and then perform your standard push-up from there. Be sure you don’t let your middle body drop as that would indicate you’ve moved away from proper form.

Another excellent lower body movement to add to your home workout program to get you permanent weight loss is lunges. Like the squats, the lunges will zero in on the glutes, the hamstrings, and the quad muscles, so are a complete lower body toner.Walking lunges are simple to do and can be performed with just your body weight or while holding a set of dumbbells at your side. Lunge all the way across the room and then back again to complete one set.

Bodyweight Squats
Often called the ‘king’ of strength training exercises, squats really can’t be beat. From targeting the quads and hamstrings to really making those inner ab muscles contract to keep your balance, these are going to work so many muscle groups at once they will torch calories quickly.When performing your bodyweight squats, the key will be to go as low down to the ground as you can. By moving through the full range of motion you’ll zero in on those glute muscles so you really tone and define your lower body.

Tricep Dips
Have a problem with the area right underneath your arm? If so, you’re not alone. The underarm ‘jiggle’ is an issue that many people battle but with this exercise you can quickly overcome it.Simply place your palms up on a bench immediately behind you to balance your weight while the legs are bent slightly in front of you. From there, begin to bend at the elbows until they are at a ninety degree angle.
By this point, you should really feel a nice degree of tension in the tricep area.

Getting a flat stomach is a goal that most people using a home workout program have, so this workout wouldn’t be complete without an exercise for the abs. V-sit-ups can’t be beat because they will work both the upper and lower ab components at once.To perform them simply lay flat on your back with the arms stretched straight above the head and the knees straight. From there, bring the legs directly up into the air while the upper body and arms come up to meet them.

Lying Back Raises
Finally, to finish off your home gym workout, do some lying back raises. Flip over onto your stomach, again stretching your arms up over your head. From there you simply want to raise the back up off the floor as high as possible while simultaneously lifting up the legs.Hold this ‘U’ position for as long as you can before lowering again and completing it two more times.So there you have a list of the ultimate home gym exercises that you can use to achieve permanent weight loss. If you can perform these three times each week with a day off in between, you’ll be well on your way to lasting results.