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Feb 7, 2012

What Kind of Foods Should We Avoid to Stay Healthy & Fit?

The three main food categories you should avoid are :

1) PROCESSED & JUNK FOOD - Most people know that most Fast Food is Junk Food. Avoid it as much as possible! Any food that has chemicals, preservatives, hydrogenated & refined oils and refined sugar is not good for you! Unfortunately there are many foods that are labeled “healthy” or ”natural” that are also junky….be aware and limit what you buy. Look at the list of ingredients…if you see chemicals, high sugar, dyes or coloring, hydrogenated or refined oils then Avoid it! The rule is very easy...The less junk food that you eat, the more healthy you will be!

2.) AVOID THE PROCESSED “WHITE DEVILS” - That is white processed flour products, most processed wheat products, white bread, pasta, white rice, many crackers and cereals, pizza, etc…Again these products are processed and refined…usually high in sugar, refined oils and unhealthy carbohydrates… and low in nutrients. They have very little nutritional value. They also are huge weight gainers. The less you eat of these foods the better for your health!

3.) AVOID REFINED SUGAR PRODUCTS - Refined sugar is processed and chemically does a lot of damage to your body. Refined sugar also includes soda, dressings, bbq sauce and many “natural” high sugar juice products. High Fructose Corn Syrup is added to so many foods…salad dressing being a good example. Having a good salad with processed high sugar dressing? Sure you are eating those good greens, but with refined sugars you cancel out the benefits! Sugar gives energy, but does so at a price…empty calories, no nutrition. Refined sugar is considered “poison” by many nutritionists…it simply does not offer any benefits.

And two more important tips I want to mention…

4) DO NOT SUPER SIZE MEALS - even though this is not a “food” but a habit…Eat smaller meals…snack if your are hungry. This includes Natural Foods also.Eat smaller portions…do not supersize…especially in your evening meal, where you usually don’t even have a chance to burn off the calories. Learn to take smaller portions. Drink water before a meal to help with your appetite. And again, small healthy snacks between meals can help you avoid eating huge meals because you are so hungry. Slow down and eat less...

5) Cleanse & Detox your Body on a Regular Basis - If you have eaten or can't avoid the foods we just discussed...then an essential step is to get rid of those toxins on a regular basis. Do a body cleanse and clear your body of those unwanted poisons. It is amazing how much better you will feel. And it also will help you lose the craving for these "bad foods". Give it a try.