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Mar 30, 2012

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a favorable drink of Asia. The benefits of ginger tea are unlimited, and it is very difficult to consider all of them. Ginger, a well-known multipurpose spice used from a long period of time. It is a knotty stem of plant Zingiber officinale with many distinct properties. In Asia and Arabic traditions, ginger has its own history from the kitchen of spices to the world of medicines. Its blissful essence with tea made this combo unusual. Benefits of ginger tea are doubled up, due to the properties of both, ginger and tea. An extra tinge of lemon and mint turn ginger tea into mind-boggling flavor.

Ginger tea has an intrinsic ability to avoid vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. Gingerols of ginger is the reason which helps in preventing nausea and morning sickness. Benefits of ginger tea have been proved handy in cancer cure and many other non-curable chronic diseases. As the awareness for health and fitness is rising, people are getting attentive towards the hidden benefits of ginger tea. Ginger has a unique power of healing, and it is believed, due to the high contents of volatile oils present in ginger.
There is a vast list of the benefits of ginger tea. It works as antispasmodic, as well as antifungal and antibacterial. Benefits of ginger tea can never be over looked in the treatment of skin diseases, as psoriasis, bacterial infection, fungal infections etc. In cold and flu, intake of ginger tea is a must and one of the oldest treatments for fever. Ginger tea also serves as a blood thinner that avoids cardiac strokes and gives relief from all type of headaches. This tea tends to stop the formation of low category lipids and cholesterol, giving a light and relieved internal feel.

Benefits of ginger tea made it a part of some medications prescribed by physicians. According to the doctors it helps to maintain glucose level of the body especially in the case of Diabetes. If you are suffering from weak immunity and falling frequently ill, then Ginger tea is the best remedy for you. Benefits of ginger tea are not limited to the medicinal use; they extend up to the next level of a healthy drink. Ginger tea can be added to the morning breakfast or evening tea-break. Regular use of ginger tea helps in reducing weight and burns extra fat of the body.