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Apr 10, 2012

Air Conditioning For Gyms

Competition in the leisure sector means customers have more choice and will look for a comfortable environment in which to spend their precious leisure hours, usually choosing one with air conditioning over one without in their quest for the optimum comfort and pleasurable experience.
Your leisure facility will provide an inviting environment for all exercise enthusiasts, with the installation of the correct air conditioning system that creates a comfortable environment for any indoor sports. GalxC have a range of different systems that can be installed depending on factors such as available space, use of the leisure space, frequency of use and budget.

Leisure facilities are expected to have air conditioning and a gym or leisure centre that does not offer air conditioning is increasingly unusual.

Air conditioning enables those using leisure facilities to enjoy the optimum temperature for an efficient workout so they can achieve their best performances at all times. This is especially important when the leisure facilities are used for cardiovascular activities such as a gym, practising martial arts, dancing or fencing. The correct air conditioning system can keep the air at an acceptable temperature for exercise and for those just sitting, relaxing and observing.

Maintaining a cool temperature is necessary for the welfare of all users and an air conditioning system that gives you full control over the air temperature is important. It is difficult to know what the typical British weather will be like, so air conditioning will need to respond to varying external temperatures on a regular basis. We can supply you with units and controllers to achieve this as well as units that can condition the air to remove body odours from sweaty leisure facility users.

The need for air conditioning becomes necessary when there is a concentration of people together who naturally produce body heat. Sport and leisure activities should be enjoyed by all and the introduction of an efficient air conditioning system within your leisure centre will help you achieve this. In leisure centres with air conditioning, people can improve their workouts as their core body temperature allows them to workout effectively. People working out in a gym do not want to start in a room that is already too hot and affecting their core temperature.

The average person generates approximately 500 BTUs an hour or 116 watts when sedentary so 30 people just sitting still will generate more heat in an hour than a 3 kilowatt fire. Add in the additional heat produced by people exercising and it becomes clear why air conditioning is vital for leisure centres with active people.