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Apr 10, 2012

barfix exercises

Doorway chin up bar is one of the most compact exercising devices. York Fitness is one of the major companies that is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of doorway chin up bar. These are built using quality assured metal that makes it extremely tough and durable. This device is a one time investment and does not require any type of maintenance. These are used round the globe by millions of people and have provided amazing results.

You just have to place it in between the door frame and the weight of your body will keep the equipment in place. The chin up bar is available in various sizes and you can choose as per your requirement. Most of the bars are heavy duty chrome plated and are made from quality steel. The quality steel make the chinning bar highly durable and provides it a high load bearing capacity. The most amazing feature of the device is that it sets up in a very short span of time and you don’t have to spend hours for assembling or fitting. This can be used for various exercises such as sit ups, press ups, etc. This device is perfect for all your home fitness needs and also provides swift results.

Using the amazing doorway chin up bar you can build various muscles of your body like the entire back, biceps, forearms, shoulders, neck and triceps. You must consult the user manual and a trainer before starting to exercise using the device. The product is worth a buy and will provide a total value for money.