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Apr 18, 2012

Drink Warm or Cool Water During Workout?

ou may like cold water, but probably your mum have told you that warm water is better. Isn’t true? How about drinking warm water during and after your run on treadmill?

Some people recommend cold water when one is vigorously exercising due to following reasons:

During intense physical activity, body temperature rises above the normal 37°C. Drinking cool water lowers the body’s temperature to its normal range. Sweating from running, kicking and jumping also helps lower the body’s temperature. In fact, studies show that cool water is absorbed more quickly from the stomach than warm water. It gives an immediate effect of cooling off the body. This makes dehydration less likely, allowing us to play harder and enjoy the sport even more. Source
Second, contradict to what most believe, cold foods and beverages do not harm any of our internal organs, so we can feel free to enjoy them.

Another school of thought, including my mum, believes that cold water will give a “shock” to our bodies, especially during exercise. They believe that warm water should be the choice. For me, the water should not be so hot that it burns your mouth, or so cold that it is uncomfortable.

Personally, I prefer room temperature or slightly cool water when I work out in gym. The preferred water temperature is influenced by cultural and learned behaviors. If coldness helps you to drink large quantities of fluid while you are exercising, then keep it cool.

By the way, our bodies do not expend calories when absorbing cold water. In other words, drinking cool water will not make our body to lose weight. So, it is a myth about losing weight by drinking cold water.