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Apr 23, 2012


1 ) Cheese Fries
Calories : 2,900

Even if you split this “starter” with three friends, you’ll have downed a dinner’s worth of calories before your entree arrives. Follow this up with a steak, sides, and a dessert and you could easily break the 3,500 calorie barrier. Front-load: Start your meal with a protein-based dish that’s not deep-fried. A high-protein starter helps diminish hunger without putting you into calorie overload.

2 ) Baskin Robbins Large Oreo Chocolate Shake
Calories : 2,600

Named by Mens Health as the worst food item in the world, this shake is embarrassingly unhealthy. You can expect BR to remove it from their menu by year end.

3 ) Spaghetti and Meatballs with Meat Sauce
Calories : 2,430

This meal satisfies your calorie requirements for an entire day. Downsize the Devastation: Ask for a lunch portion of this dinner dish (or any pasta on the menu, for that matter), and request regular tomato sauce instead of meat sauce. You’ll cut the calories in half.

4 ) Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Calories : 1,620

Double Quarter Pounder is McDonalds popular burger. 2-¼ pound patties and processed cheese match this up with a large fry and large Coke and you have artery clogging magic! But you need to know the numbers for the entire meal are as follows, 1,620 Calories and 72 grams of fa

5 ) Chocolate Cake
Calories : 1,380

What is more outrageous about this cake: the price, or how bad it is for you? Much like Outback, The Cheesecake Factory is not open about the nutritional information for many of their food items. A good rule of thumb is do not eat something if you do not know how bad it is for you.