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Jun 12, 2012

Avoid tea after meals, but why?

Whichever restaurant you drop by in whatever city you visit in Turkey, a server rushes to offer people tea after the meal, or guests have already ordered it.
The same applies to our homes when we are guests or hosts. And it does not matter whether it is lunch or dinner; tea is already steeping before the end of the meal. Drinking lots of tea has become a habit for many people in Turkey.
But from a perspective of a healthy nutritionist, this habit is not advisable. Drinking tea just after a meal restricts the body's absorption of iron (Fe) consumed with the meal. What does this mean? Suppose you eat red meat -- which contains high levels of iron. If you drink tea just after the meal, your body will not sufficiently benefit from the meat you ate because a substance called tannin found in tea will bond to the iron, effectively limiting the body's ability to absorb this important mineral. The same applies to coffee.
Drink tea at least one hour after a meal
Tea or coffee consumed at least one hour after a meal does not interfere with iron absorption. But what will happen if we cannot take in sufficient amounts of iron or if the body cannot absorb the required amounts? Iron deficiency, known as anemia, develops. Anemia is a very common health problem in our country. Economic status, nutrition habits and many other factors play a role in the formation of anemia. Of course, I believe that one of these factors is our addiction to tea. Common symptoms of anemia are paleness, fatigue, unwillingness to walk or move and weakness in motion.
Be careful
If you already know that you are anemic, then you should pay extra attention to your nutrition. Try to shift your tea-drinking session one or two hours after meals. Drink as little tea as possible. You may even add lemon to your tea. This will also provide additional vitamin C.
It’s up to you to have a healthy life
If you smoke, consume alcohol, have weight problems, have a stressful job or strained private life, are not at peace with yourself, do not play sports, have irregular or careless meals, are a perfectionist or do not have any hobbies, then it means you are in need of opening "windows" that will allow you to breathe in life. If you do not lead a healthy life, then your health will deteriorate as you grow older. In this case, you will not be able to regain your youth with a magical wand or an elixir of life, and you will continue to age poorly.