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Jun 14, 2012

Does Dieting Mean Eating Less?

1. What Is Dieting- Dieting is consuming high proteins, low carbs and less fat intake. It does not mean that you go on a crash diet, not eating at all. Food is important for the body as it is the only source of energy. So eating less is not an ideal method to loose weight fast. Instead eat but eat right and in the correct proportion. Try adding more green vegetables, fruits and lots of water in your diet. Avoid food which is difficult to digest. Unhealthy snacking is a big no.

2. What You Should Eat- Your plate must have equal amount of proteins, fats and nutritious bulk. Do not deprive or curb your eating habits. This in turn will lower your metabolism rate. Do not eat less; just cut your calories. Instead eat and count your calories. This will help your body get all the essential nutrients. The more you curb your desires the more you will feel hungry. So eating but eating right is the ideal diet that works

3. How To Eat- Chewing your food well is very important. So while eating make sure you eat slowly and chew properly. Large chunks of food in your mouth may cause overeating. This can also cause embarrassing situations like indigestion, gas and stomach ache. So make sure you chew you food properly otherwise this may also cause overeating. Large chunks of food is very difficult to digest. 

4. Once In A While Treat Yourself- Healthy diet is usually those where you eat in the right proportion. If you curb all your desires of eating then you might be tempted to binge. So once a while eat delicious snacks but make sure you eat in smaller quantities. Do not make it a habit as it may cause weight gain.. Follow a healthy diet by including more greens, dals (pulses), oats and whole grains in your diet.

5. Expert Tips-Avoid starving yourself, eat but eat right. Make sure you go for smaller meals. Try having a heavy breakfast filled with fruits, wheat bread and yogurt.

  • Do not skip lunch have a small meal but healthy food. The last meal of the day should be very light. Avoid the consumption of rice at night as it can cause excess calories.
  • Eat whole grain sandwich and skimmed milk. Morning before you eat have a glass of lukewarm water as it helps you loose weight. These factors clearly state that dieting will never fetch a size zero. But eating the right kind of food will help you acquire a great figure.