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Jun 12, 2012


Lunges are ideal for lifting the butt because they use the glutes and legs together for a two-for-one exercise. In order to complete lunges properly, stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and then take a large step forward, transferring your weight to the stationary leg. Then, bring the lunged leg back to the start. For added difficulty, try a walking lunge, suggests Virtual Fitness Trainer. Walk forward by lunging forward, and instead of bringing your leg back to start, take another step with your other foot, as if you were walking with large strides. Dip as low to the ground as you can for the best results.


Squats should always be part of your butt lift workout, but often fitness enthusiasts dismiss them because they don't seem effective. What makes them ineffective is poor form. When completing a squat, you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and then squat down, sitting back almost as if there were a chair behind you for perfect form. Bad form is squatting straight down, which works your legs more than your butt.


A deadlift adds an element of resistance in order to work the butt and lift it up. With a weight in either hand, any amount you choose, hang your arms straight beside your body, and squat straight down so that your hands are by your knees. Hold for three counts before coming back up to complete one repetition. Add more weight as your body and butt become more toned.

A plie is a ballet technique that can give you a dancer's lifted butt. Holding onto a bar for support, turn your toes out so that they point in opposite directions. Tuck your tailbone in so that your butt and abdominal muscles are doing most of the work. Take a deep breath and sink down, allowing your knees to point in opposite directions. Go as far down as you can comfortably, and then come back up to complete one repetition.

Leg Lift

Do leg lifts with an exercise ball. Kneel down and place the ball in front of you, rolling onto it on your belly. Steady yourself with your hands, and then kick your leg up until you feel a tightening in your butt. Complete as many reps as you can.