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Jul 14, 2012

How to Not Lose Your Breasts When Dieting

While dieting can be a healthy way to lose body fat and reduce overall body weight, for women, dieting may lead to a decrease in breast size. Those who do not wish to lose their breast size when dieting can take a few steps to try to prevent this. Hormones can help to increase breast size, while exercise may be helpful in enhancing the appearance and size of the breasts.


    • 1
      Perform regular chest exercises to tone the chest muscles and enhance the look of your breasts. Chest presses are a common chest exercise. Lay on your back with a weight in each hand and press your arms up and together above your chest. Do three to four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.
    • 2
      Use birth control pills. Hormones can help to enhance or enlarge the size of your breasts. If you are taking a birth control pill with estrogen in it, your chest may appear larger.
    • 3
      Purchase a chest-enhancing bra with padding and underwire. These bras not only boost the look of your breasts, but create an illusion of fullness.
    • 4
      Eat foods that contain soy. Soy produces synthetic estrogen and can enhance the size of your bust if eaten on a regular basis. Most vegetarian meat products contain soy, while the natural source is edamame.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some women are built to have a small chest when they have minimal body fat. Breasts are mostly made of fat, so it is common for them to be greatly reduced in size when a significant amount of weight is lost. It may be necessary to keep a small amount of body fat in order to have your ideal chest size.
  • If you feel that your chest is not big enough after exercising, you may wish to ask your doctor about chest enhancement surgery. This option should be a last resort, and should only be performed after extensive research on the risks and benefits.