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Jul 6, 2012

Tips to reduce farting

When farting gets out of control!
Now I know for a lot of people the very word ‘farting’
sounds offensive especially offensive to a lot of women for some reason, I knowmy wife and my aunts and mum hate the word. However it seems a lot of men
suffer from this, especially in the morning. The reason I wrote about this wasbecause I woke myself up this morning because of a gargantuan fart, honestly! my stomach must have deflated by 2 inches.I know what is causing this, for me, to happen, it’s the sweets I eat. I gave up sweets as a trial for 3 weeks and my bloating and my flatulence levels were at an all time low. So, I thought, I can give up sweetslets see what happens when I start eating them again. Within a day or two I felt bloated again and my flatulence levels increased. I have now been eatingthe sweets, by this I mean biscuits, sweets, cake and flapjacks, for almost two weeks.

So I now know what causes my bloating and flatulence problems so I can cut them out of my daily diet altogether. But I got towondering how farts are formed (I know I know I’ll never mention this again in
any other post but somebody’s got to do it).
Flatulence occurs when a food does not break down
completely in the stomach and small intestine. As a result, the food makes it into the large intestine in an undigested state.

A few ways to reduce flatulence.
  1. Take a probiotic to counteract any loss of the good bacteria we
    have in our stomachs
  2. Cut down on food offenders which may cause gas such as dairy
    products, apples, pears, wholegrain foods, soft drinks and fruit drinks.
    Experiment as not all of the aforementioned foods cause it for you.
  3. Limit high fat foods as this takes longer to digest and causes
    more gas in your stomach
  4. If you are lactose intolerant cut out dairy foods from your diet
  5. Experiment with all different types of food. Cut one food out for
    48 hours and note the effect and keep on doing this until you find offending
    foods which may cause flatulence.
  6. If it becomes a real problem see your doctor who can get some
    tests done for various problems you may have.
I hope this has helped a little but it still begs the questions why do men
fart more than women?