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Jul 18, 2012

What healthy food should you buy at the grocery store?

If your grocery store sells fruit and vegetables start there with a nice big selection....   
For the fridge.... low-fat milk, yoghurt and some good, strong-flavoured cheeses (then a little goes a long way), good quality eggs, lean meat and fish.  Other good storecupboard staples are canned tomatoes, canned tuna, dry rice, pasta, noodles, pulses (legumes) canned or dried, some wholemeal bread and high-fibre breakfast cereals or oats, olive oil.  Frozen vegetables can be quite handy.  Do invest in some flavourings in the shape of herbs, spices and condiments..... dried basil, garlic bulbs, soy sauce, chilli powder, honey....   Basic, healthy ingredients can taste fantastic with the right seasoning. 

Good tip... buy mostly things you need to prepare and cook yourself and avoid too many processed or ready-made foods.  Then you'll have a very 'healthy' shopping basket .