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Aug 2, 2012

Different Types of Bread

There are so many different types of bread; there are too many to count. The regular breads that we see in grocery stores include white bread, whole wheat bread, rolls, and Italian breads. There are Artisan breads, sour dough breads, and even flat breads. Flat bread is the type of bread which does not rise such as tortillas and pitas. There is also corn bread made from corn meal and there are breads which are not made with regular flour.  There are dark beer breads and short breads. There are quick breads which would include pancakes, waffles, muffins, some cakes, and breads such as pumpkin bread. Bread can have any type of ingredient added to the dough before baked.
Some ingredients that can be added include chocolate chips, cheese, peppers, pepperoni, fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Bread has been a staple in households all around the country for thousands of years and is considered a favorite by many.