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Aug 28, 2012


Let’s talk calories. In 1 tsp of sugar there is 15 calories. This can add up extremely quickly! In one 12 oz (355ml) can of Coca Cola there is 39g of sugar which adds up to 140 calories. Soda has no nutritional content. It’s simply calories from sugar.

Consuming too much sugar is extremely dangerous for the body! When we consume sugar our insulin levels rise in order to metabolize it. The more sugar you consume the higher the insulin spike. Overtime we can put so much stress on our bodies that this insulin spike isn’t as strong as it used to be. The result is burnout of the pancreas! When we have burnout of the pancreas the sugar can have its way with our bodies. This is where it becomes scary.

So now that our pancreas is burnt out what can happen to our bodies? Here is the short-list:

• Obesity
• Candida albicans overgrowth
• Cancer
• Cavities
• Depression
• Mineral imbalances
• Immune system issues
• Osteoporosis