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Aug 22, 2012

Weight Training Safety Tips

  • Never hold your breath while lifting weights. This can cause you to feel lightheaded, dizzy, and lead to fainting.
  • Never lock your joints (knee, elbow, etc.) while lifting weights. Locked joints are put under an enormous amount of stress, which may lead to injury.
  • Always use collars on the bar when lifting weights.
  • Focus on controlling the weight. To avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of the exercise weights should always be lifted and lowered slowly.
  • Always have a "spotter" present when performing free weight exercises. Spotters can assist you with form and ensure that you avoid injury.
  • Keep both hands at equal distance from the center of the bar when using free weights. Not doing so could result in harmful stress to one side of your body.
  • Never excessively twist or bend the spine, which can cause lower back problems.
  • When standing, always maintain a slight bend in the knees to reduce stress on the lower back.
  • The knees should always remain in alignment with the toes when performing leg exercises.
  • Always replace weights to the proper racks so that others do not trip over them. that others do not trip over them.