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Oct 1, 2012


Can you spare 60 minutes, three times a week?
If the answer is “yes” I have the perfect workout routine for you: A “Full Body Workout” program that will get you in-and-out of the gym in less than an hour, will amp up your metabolism for the next 48 hours and — after about a month — will give you noticeable improvements not only in your strength, but also your physique.
Oh, and expect to drop some body fat in the process.
Why A Full Body Workout?
Full body workouts are probably the single most under-utilized workout routines in the gym.
Regardless of your experience level or existing strength, working your entire body in a single session is not only challenging, but an extremely effective way to build muscle, strength and even burn fat in the process. Even experienced bodybuilders can reap the benefits of switching to a full body workout, especially if they’ve been on a split routine plan for an extended period of time.
Before we actually take a look at a full body workout routine, let’s quickly discuss some of the advantages of working your entire body in a single session and the basics you need to know about before getting started.
The Benefits of Full Body Workouts
There are a number of benefits to performing full body workouts, including:
  • Better core development
  • Less overall time in the gym
  • Improved recovery intervals
  • Reduced risk of overtraining
  • Greater training frequency per muscle group
  • Increased energy expenditure during and after training
  • Increases in beneficial growth hormones
  • Highly customizable to different training goals, whether that is strength, muscle size (hypertrophy) , endurance or a combination of the three
  • Better overall muscular development and symmetry
  • Reduced risk of developing muscle imbalances, especially among smaller stabilizer muscles
  • Secondary cardiovascular benefits
  • Appropriate for all ages and levels of experience, from beginners to advanced trainees