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Dec 17, 2012

Grapefruits Vs. Oranges

Both oranges and grapefruit are similarly matched in terms of being low calorie with zero fat, cholesterol or sodium. Eating a whole medium orange will provide 80 calories versus 60 calories when eating a half of a grapefruit. Oranges have overall higher carbohydrates, breaking down into more grams of sugar and fiber than grapefruit. Oranges provide more vitamin C, offering 130 percent of the daily needs as well as being higher in selenium and one of the B vitamins, thiamin. Oranges also have slightly more folate than grapefruits. On the other hand, grapefruits have significantly more vitamin A at 35 percent versus 2 percent and slightly more phosphorus, while still providing 100 percent of the daily dose of vitamin C.

The juice is also popular as a breakfast beverage.When not eaten fresh,grapefruit is a popular fruit in canned fruit cup and fruit salad mixes.In a few countries such as Australia, grapefruit is enjoyed as a marmalade or jelly. The peel of the fruit can be candied and used as a source of pectin for preservation of other fruits. The peel oil is used to flavor many different sodas as well as enhance the flavor of other juices.