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Mar 10, 2013

What is the most fattening food?

Soft drinks, donuts, white potato, white bread, pizza, full cream milk, full fat cheese, fast foods like McDonald's .
Anything that's sugary like a soft drink (soda) if your body doesn't burn the sugar off it will be stored as fat.

Be careful how much you eat, it can cause bad side effects to your health. Some people are lucky though and can eat all the bad foods in the world but will still be skinny (ectomorph body type) and have a superfast metabolism that shreds the food and stores nothing as fat but they can be skinny on the outside but unhealthy on the inside.

The basic gist is to consume more calories then you burn. Fat has 3x calories that protein or carbs have. The cheese, milk, eggs are the higher fat type foods. My point is total calories in a day is more important that the foods you eat.

Use caution and moderation. Good luck !