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Sep 30, 2013

What foods contain no calories?

The only thing that does not have calories is water.

You might have also heard of negative calories.

Negative calories foods are not foods that don't have calories. All food has calories of some kind unless it's water. Negative calorie foods are foods belonging to a diet that empahsizes foods that are low in calories, but which the body takes more energy to burn than it receives. The theory is that the normal calorie burn from digesting the food and living a normal life will wipe out the calories eaten from these foods.For example, if a slice of carrot had 10 calories, but took 12 to burn, that food would have -2 calorie effect on your body. That doesn't mean the carrots are -2 calories, but that the end result of this process is to lose weight. The idea with negative calorie foods, which are always certain types of fruits and veggies and are usually very high in fiber, and have a low number of calories to begin with.

Asparagus,Apple,Beet,Cranberries,Carrot,Mango,Cauliflower,Orange,Celery… peppers, Raspberries,Cucumber,Strawberries… beans,Lettuce,Onion,Papaya,Radishes,Spinach…