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Jan 9, 2014

Why do carbs make you gain weight?

There are good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs would include fruits and whole grains. Bad carbs would include cookies and candy. Carbohydrates is what gives you your main source of energy, and is impossible not to eat. Almost everything we eat has some amount of carbs in it. Carbs are known as sugar and that's the downfall to eating carbs. Most diets don't work. Avoid all those diets you see advertised on tv and in ads.There is only one type of diet that works. That diet I call the 'Whatch what you eat diet." Where you never drink soda, never eat processed foods like tv dinners, don't eat fast-food, cookies, candy, and anything known to have loads of sugar in it. A healthy type of diet would look something like this ...

Oatmeal, a banana, a protein shake, 

Yogurt with a piece of fruit, 

A sub with whole wheat bread or roll, turkey, lettuce, tomato, 

Nuts, fruit, yogurt, 

grilled chicken, broccoli, brown rice.