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Nov 12, 2015

All about guidance !

A proudly Lebanese company, TAN minutes is committed to creating an unmatched customer experience with the goal of educating our customers on how to tan responsibly: That's the TAN minutes difference.
Tanning outdoors or in uncontrolled indoor facilities is associated with an  increased risk, thus nowadays, more people are becoming aware on the possibility of choosing a controlled alternative to gain the same benefits the sun provides naturally: TAN minutes is that controlled alternative in Lebanon. We are bringing in our medical expertise to thoroughly educate our customers about the benefits and risks associated with exposure to UV light. We equip our customers with the knowledge to make responsible decisions about their bodies, acquire the tan they desire while giving them a professional and relaxing environment to enjoy.
You will feel the TAN minutes difference every day as you experience our dedication to providing all aspects of a superior tanning experience combined with the knowledge required to efficiently help our customers benefit from tanning smart, we have the expertise and we truly care and that is the true secret behind our success.