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Jan 26, 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Every Day ?

It's common practice for many people who are in the process of losing weight to "weigh in" every day. This is probably not the best idea for two main reasons. Our weight will fluctuate due to water retention. Our bodies go through a process at night during sleep and one of those processes is losing water. During sleep our bodies will lose water through transpiration (sweating) and respiration (breathing.)
We also often retain water so you may find that you weigh 2 - 3 pounds more than you did yesterday and wonder what is going on. Very often this is due to water weight. Retaining water can happen by consuming too much salt and oddly enough, not drinking enough water. I have read before that staying hydrated will help reduce water retention.
Another reason you may notice a shift in weight is because if you are working out regularly, chances are you are also putting on more lean muscle. Therefore you are adding muscle which adds weight. You may think all of your effort is wasted because of the number on the scale, when it is just a combination of water weight and muscle gain.While weighing yourself is important, don't let the scale determine what you do in order to stay fit. Continue to eat right and workout. Pay more attention to how you feel physically and how your clothes fit rather than what the number on the scale says.