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Mar 8, 2012

Don't take steroids, it's not worth it

Everyone wants to be a model today, get into the modelling world do a couple of ads and then maybe make a backdoor entry into Bollywood . There are a number of youngsters today who are struggling to make it big in the world of television and film.
However there are still many people out there who long for those few minutes of fame and torture themselves silly to get into shape. Some of them, especially the boys take on to working out for hours together without realizing that they are harming themselves. In fact they are able to go on for so many hours because they are consuming steroids, some illegal to increase the protein content in their body and also help in muscle gain.

Steroids are very harmful, especially when they are taken without prescription. Steroids are known to increase the threshold of pain in one’s body, so one is not able to understand the actual capacity of the body to take pain. They are able to go on and on pumping iron without feeling tired and without feeling any pain. Over and above increasing the threshold of one’s pain, steroid consumption have a number of other side effects some of which affect one’s sex drive and harm other parts of the body as well.

Steroid consumption affects the livers, it increases the risk of heart disease and also high cholesterol. ‘Roid rage’ referred to the mood swings that one encounters when one has steroids is a common phenomenon. People who take steroids encounter a number of mood swings which comes in way when one deals with their loved ones or colleagues at work.

One of the worst mistakes the youth of today can make is get hooked on to performance enhancement steroids to help build their bodies. Steroids may not harm one’s body now but as the years go by, one fine day your body may develop defects that you will not be able to reverse the damage.

Knowing the limits of your body is essential and exerting it beyond what it can handle is not the wisest thing to do. The media is going to go on about what you should look like and what your body should look like and if you pressurize yourself because you want to look like a Greek god on screen. The chances are you may have to go in and out of auditions to get a chance to show off your work on screen and that could take many, many years and if you continue to torture your body with steroids, you are absolutely doomed.