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Mar 9, 2012

Top 10 Reasons You Don't Exercise

10. You really hate to exercise.
Enjoying exercise may seem impossible, but it can be done. Almost any exercise may feel hard at first but, with some practice and consistency, your body gets stronger and you may even start to like it. Choose something that fits your personality and lifestyle.

9. You've tried to exercise but you keep quitting.
People often quit working out for a variety of reasons:
Doing too much too soon - Going from no exercise to 7 days at the gym is bound to leave you exhausted and burned out.
Confusion - If you're not sure how to get started, you may choose random exercises, wondering if you're even getting a decent workout.
Boredom - The treadmill and other machines offer great workouts, but walking or pedaling to nowhere can get old fast. You may wonder: Do I really have to do this every day for the rest of my life?

8. You can't afford a gym membership
There's no reason you have to join a gym to exercise, but there are more affordable options such as the YMCA or local community centers. More ways to save money:
Walking or running - All you need is a good pair of shoes for a simple, accessible workout.
Buy multi-use equipment - An exercise ball can be used for core work, weight training and even cardio workouts. Dumbbells are often inexpensive and can be used for the entire body.
Workout at home - Use videos, make up your own routines or just put on some music and get moving.
Find free resources - The Internet is a great source for workouts and weight loss programs and your library is an excellent resource for trying workout videos or finding books about exercise.
Try no equipment workouts - You can get a great workout without any equipment, just by using your own body.

7. You're not seeing any changes in your body.
Not losing weight fast enough? Unfortunately, that's true for everyone. You don't put weight on overnight and it won't come off that quickly either. Once you start exercising, give your body time to react. It could take up to 12 weeks before you start seeing major changes, so make sure you've set realistic fitness goals and focus on the many benefits of exercise.

6. You don't know how to exercise.
This is a popular excuse, but it won't fly what with the wealth of information at your fingertips. Try working with a personal trainer or use one of the free fitness and weight loss programs.

5. You want to exercise but you have to take care of the kids and family.
You don't have to neglect your family to fit in exercise. Carving out workout time will not only give you the energy you need for a busy schedule, it shows your kids what it means to be healthy.

4. You can't seem to stay motivated to continue working out.
If you're tired or stressed, it's hard to keep going with your workouts. However, waiting to feel motivated to exercise can actually backfire. Motivation is something you have to work at every day.

3. Exercise HURTS!
You don't have to hurt yourself to reap the benefits of exercise.

2. You can't make the commitment to stick to an exercise routine.
When you look at exercise in the long term (i.e., that you have to exercise on a daily basis forever), it can be overwhelming. However, you don't have to change your life overnight.

1. You don't have time!
Physically inactive people have just as much free time as exercisers, so you can chuck this excuse.