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May 2, 2012

Six healthy junk food cravings

Substitute healthy stand-ins for your cravings.

Instead ofTry
Ice creamNonfat frozen yogurt or reduced-sugar, low-fat ice cream, sherbet, or sorbet
Can of colaMineral water with fruit juice or a squeeze of lime
Doughnut or sweetened pastryWhole-grain cinnamon raisin toast or half a small whole-grain bagel with low-fat strawberry cream cheese spread
Slice of cakeLow-fat banana nut or zucchini bread, or angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries
Sweet, low-fiber cerealsWhole-grain cereal or oatmeal topped with a little brown sugar and cinnamon, raisins, or cranberries
Potato chipsBaked potato or tortilla chips, popcorn (plain or sprinkled with popcorn seasonings), or pretzels
Sour creamNonfat sour cream or nonfat plain yogurt
Sundae toppingsFresh berries, sliced bananas, or crushed pineapple in juice, topped with a sprinkle of coconut or – if you crave crunch – chopped nuts
Canned fruit in sugar syrupFresh fruit or unsweetened canned or frozen fruit
ChocolateHot cocoa made with nonfat or low-fat milk – or homemade trail mix with raisins, dried fruits, nuts, and a few chocolate chips
CookiesGraham crackers or other low-sugar cookies with no more than 3 grams of sugar per cookie (add a little peanut butter if you like)
Cheesecake or other creamy dessertSmall slices of cheese on whole wheat crackers, low-fat vanilla or rice pudding, or some low-fat cream cheese and a dab of fruit spread on a graham cracker