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Jun 9, 2012

Is it healthy to have a shower every day?

Is it healthy for skin on our head and other parts of the body to get in contact with soap agents everyday? Is it better to have a general shower every 2 days and just a head shower every day?
What about losing hair... has something to do with it?

Additional Details
It would be nice to have the oppinion of a dermatologist; I take a shower every morning and the guy from the gym told me it's unhealthy for the skin to bath more than twice a day...

Yes; showering reduces the flora on our skin. The emulsification process from soap removes bacteria. If you find your scalp or skin drying out from the soap, you may need a special formula, but it is still good to shower every day. Conversely, it is acceptable to skip a day occasionally, as long as you don't violate the social standards of your culture. (such as body odor) Some cultures, especially in the past, believe (d) bathing to be unhealthy, mostly because of poor water quality though.