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Jul 20, 2012

Smoking causes bad breath

Smoking causes bad breath. It leaves behind bad odor in the mouth. It affects the flow of saliva in the mouth and causes dry mouth, which in turn causes bad breath. Saliva is like a mouthwash. Even after the initial smell of the smoke has gone, the bad breath continues. Tar and nicotine damage your mouth.
Smoking also raises the temperature in the mouth, causing damage to the oral tissues in the mouth and destroys them. The bacteria can move more freely in the mouth, causing serious oral hygienic problems. How to lessen the effect of bad breath?

Tips to Control Bad Breath Caused By Smoking

  • One can take chewing gum, rather sugarless chewing gum, to reduce the smell of smoking
  • One can reduce or quit smoking. One can talk to people who have quit smoking
  • One can realize that relationships are marred due to bad breath. It would be advisable to avoid bad breath caused by smoking
  • Try healthy alternatives to smoking. Try to discipline yourself. Do some exercises to divert the mind. Control the urges through such diversions
  • Keep your teeth and tongue clean
  • Practice proper dental care and oral hygiene. Brush properly and floss your teeth
  • Use a mouthwash
  • Drink water to ensure that mouth is moist
  • There are cigar-breath sprays available in the market
Have a fresh mouth. Bad breath can put off a person. Try to get rid of your smoking habit. If not then find solutions to control your bad breath caused due to smoking.