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Jan 30, 2013

lets JAM

Fruit are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories and have absolutely no cholesterol and are an important source of many vital nutrients, including dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate (frolic acid) and potassium.
So, according to all the medical experts and scientists, in what ways can gourmet fruit jams, jellies and preserves help make our bodies healthier and our lives more energized and satisfying?

Here is a partial list of the results.

These natural fiber and essential, life sustaining vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that we ingest by eating high quality, low sugar, gourmet fruit jelly, jam and preserves can help to :
Stabilize, attain and maintain optimal weight control
Provide energy and endurance during stress and exercise.
Reduce risk of stroke, heart attack and all other potential cardiovascular diseases.
Reduce the chance of and developing various cancers and possibly help to cure current cancers, particularly mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer.
Lower our blood pressure.
Improve the health of hair, skin and finger nails.
Reduce the risk of kidney stones.
Decrease bone loss.
Satiate hunger, helping us to eat less and be satisfied, without cravings.
Lower bad cholesterol
Reduce one’s chance of developing type 2 diabetes
Slow down the aging process.
Reduce constipation and diverticulosis.
Promote healthy growth and repair of all body tissues.
Heal cuts and wounds
Keep teeth and gums healthy.
Help the body form red blood cells
In pregnant women, reduce risk of neural tube defects, spina bifida, and anencephaly during fetal development.
Pretty impressive for something I would probably still eat once in a while if it were actually bad for me, but now that I know how good it is for me … eat on!