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Jan 30, 2013

How much makeup is too much makeup?

Makeup should be based on where you are going and what look you are trying to achieve. Generally a day time look consists of light foundation and/or powder, a bit of concealer, eyeliner and mascara, and a lip-tone lipstick or gloss. A day look should reflect your natural features and look as if you aren't wearing makeup at all. An evening look is all about the drama! Bolder on the eyes and lips but again shouldn't be too far from your natural.
 Makeup can also cause acne. You'll usually be fine if you're diligent about removing your makeup at the end of the day and immediately after exercise. However, certain oils in many cosmetics can cause or worsen acne.To help avoid these reactions, look for makeup products that are fragrance- and oil-free -- these ingredients are typically the most irritating to the skin.

Remember MAKE yourself UP for your husband ONLY !