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May 31, 2012

Why You Should Be Working Out with Music

Working out with your favorite songs is a great way to make the time spent burning calories more enjoyable, but beyond offering your ears something fun to hear, recent studies and research have also suggested that working out with music can improve your mental acuity when you train. Music can also have the positive effect of helping you to train longer and harder by allowing you to concentrate on the rhythm of your workout rather than on the difficulty of your exercises.

Changing up Your Gym Mix

As it is easy to listen to an entire record of music from your favorite composer or band, knowing every beat, word and tempo of the songs you listen to during a workout can reduce your drive to push yourself to run further or lift more weights. To combat the slowdown in your workout that can be caused by predictability, employ the “random” function on your musical device.
Whether you’ve got an MP3 player attached to your arm while you run or a boom-box at your feet while you play some beach volleyball, mixing up the tempo can make your workout less predictable and more challenging when that fast tempo song fills your ears when you least expect it. Simply employing the radio instead of pre-recorded songs can also aid in keeping your ears and body guessing during a workout.