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Jun 9, 2012

Does running cause saggy breasts for women ?

When it comes to exercise, I’m lazy, and will always look for an excuse to get out of doing it. I had pretty much resigned myself to never become a runner…because I had heard that it can cause the skin on your face to sag and lose elasticity. I never knew if this was true, but the last thing I wanted to do was force myself to jog, and then find out I was causing my skin to prematurely age! 

I’ve been searching for the answer, and various sources claim any sort of high impact aerobic activity will cause your skin to sag. I even came upon a patent website where someone wanted to create some sort of band you put around your head when you run, to prevent sagging. Ha! Then I’ve come across sources that say it’s hogwash to think running can cause your facial skin to sag. Other sources say to get good running shoes and don’t run on really hard surfaces and you’re fine. Hmmm, aren’t most surfaces hard? I still don’t know if running causes facial sagging, but if I had to guess – I’d say probably not.
Does running cause saggy breasts?
Again, I’ve come across so much conflicting evidence on this, but most people seem to be in agreement that running can cause irreparable sagging to breasts, since ligaments that hold up the breasts can stretch from the impact of running. Luckily a good sports bra can really help with this, and obviously you’d want to be wearing a good sports bra anyway to be comfortable.
I’ve noticed a lot of runners have really wrinkly skin Once I heard the alleged report that running causes sagging, I started looking around at runners. Sure enough, I spotted lots of them with an unusually large amount of wrinkles (but not necessarily sagging)! But remember, I have only lived in hot climates – Hawaii, California, and Nevada, and I basically only see runners when I’m outside. So all that sun exposure is probably the main reason for the wrinkles. Even the best sunscreens won’t completely protect your skin, and hours spent outside each day will take a huge toll on your skin. Plus, a lot of runners are in great shape and are extremely slim. Wrinkles are more noticeable on someone that doesn’t have a lot of body fat, or a few extra pounds to fill out the face.