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May 7, 2013

Workout questions? i'm starting gym so i need help!!?

Firstly, it is a lie that you need supplements, shakes to get you the size you need. I have personally experienced and seen so many people that grow without supplements and I would say that supplements are the reason people give up because they expect unrealistic demands like gaining 5 pounds in a week. What you need is a high calorie diet done right first, before you go into doing the right workout and sleeping well.

In terms of a high calorie diet, I propose that you eat 6 meals a day. This way, you will be able to get the most amount of calories into your body without the feeling of puking all the time. On top of that, it is not so much about eating a lot of fatty food, but rather food high in carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, pasta, noodles, biscuits and bread. If preparing and consuming 6 full meals is difficult, you might want to try drinking 500ml of milk in between your meals for a total of 3 times. If that still does not help you to put on 1 pound per week, what you can do is simply increase the amount of milk you drink by 100ml each week until you achieve the results you desire.

The next step to grow is to sleep well. Your body recovers and grow when it is asleep, not when it is up and about and in the gym. This is because when you sleep, your body has the ability to focus on doing just one thing; repair. Repair of muscle cells lead to growth. I would suggest you try to get as much sleep as you possibly can by sleeping and waking up yourself every night. That way, you will feel refreshed and also allow your body to fully repair itself at night.